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Classified Websites

Developed with search engines in mind, our classified website package is ideal for any type of business looking to reap the benefits of a successful online classified. Whether it is a real estate listing or an online classified for the automotive industry, our website package provides you with the ideal solution. By creating a dynamic classified feature, you introduce a whole new dimension of functionality through a self-sustained community portal. With all the benefits of our standard content management system, the classified module includes an intuitive management interface that allows your administrators to control every aspect of the system without requiring any technical experience.

  • Comprehensive advert management system
  • Integrated eCommerce for real time credit card processing (including PayPal)
  • Member administration section to update profiles and manage listings
  • The flexibility to offer free and paid listings
  • Customisable input fields for your listings
  • Search engine friendly system
  • Robust system arhcitecture for optimum performance reliability (Microsoft .NET and SQL Server Platform).
  • Ability to charge for subscriptions
  • Advanced searching and filtering